Related Services

In addition to the school-based professionallearning sessions and essential practice workshops at a number of organisations, Penny also provides a range of related professional services to school-based educators, including:

    • Team planning facilitation where Penny works with a team to plan learning programs that incorporate differentiation, open-ended learning or strategies to cater for High-Ability learners
    • Individual and team coaching or mentoring at all levels
    • Modelling teaching practices such as differentiation or open-ended Numeracy
    • Consulting with schools to assist in the development of Individualised Learning Plans (ILPs - also known as Personalised/Differentiated Edudation Plans)for high ability learners
    • Running parent forums (evenings, often at schools) on topics such as High-Ability Students and How Mathematics is Taught in Today’s Schools
    • Setting up parent support groups for high-ability (gifted) learners
    • Gifted network meetings, training and co-ordination
    • Conducting student ability assessments to determine aptitude in numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and abstract reasoning
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