About the Programs

Thinking Outside The Boxschool-based programs are developed by Penny Willoughby, who is an experienced teacher specialising in gifted & talented children.

Penny has proven success in extending highly able children and runs varied and stimulating programs. Children are challenged to work beyond their usual level and are likely to be surprised by what they achieve. The programs support and complement the children’s regular classroom learning, by developing skills and strategies that will enable children to get the best out of any learning environment. Participants in the program will develop more rigorous thinking habits and practise creative problem solving.

Thinking Outside The Boxschool-based (withdrawal)programs have been developed through discussions with principals and parents. They aim to:

  • Provide quality programs for highly able children at an affordable cost to parents.
  • Conduct classes in local venues and minimise travel time for parents and children.
  • Allow highly able children to learn in small classes of like-minded children.
  • Provide a range of different programs.
  • Report directly to parents and teachers about the children’s performance.
  • Provide training and support to school staff who teach highly able children.
  • Support parents of highly able children by providing expert advice and information.
  • Facilitate parent forums and support groups for parents of highly able children.

These programs have the potential to be of great value to participants. They offer a unique opportunity and are in high demand.

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