How to Start

Thinking Outside The Box programs are run by schoolswho have recognised the need to provide specific support to their gifted & talented students.There aretypicallytwo models forThinking Outside The Box programs:

  • One school runs the programs internally for its own students. This may be initiated by the School or an interested parent.
  • A group ofnearby, small schools join forces to run programs for all their students. Often a particular school or principal / assistant principal will take the lead to establish and organise the local area - sometimes a parent or parents will do so in cooperation with their school/s. The schools may share the hosting of the programs or locate all programs at a central school.

Participating schools are assisted to select suitable students to be offered withdrawal classes (Thinking Outside The Box programs)within the school.Many of the elements of the programs are open for negotiation and can be tailored to suit the particular needs and circumstances of the participating school or schools.

Programs can be parent-funded, school-funded or jointly funded by both parties. This delivers a flexible approach and value for money for everyone. Programs require minimal administration by schools as this is done by Thinking Outside the Box professional educational services.

If you'd like to enquire about setting up a program for your local area or school, please contact Penny to discuss. Your discussion is confidential, free and there is no obligation arising.

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